We Are Heroes! Salutes Robert Morales

imageToday, the world has lost a True Believer. Robert Morales, writer of the historic 2002 Truth: Red, White, and Black Marvel minnie series, has passed away at the age of 54. Along side Kyle Baker, Morales told the forgotten beginnings of the first Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, an African American man who found himself part of an early experiment to perfect the Super-Soldier Serum later given to Steve Rogers. Morales subsequently shattered any existing racial barrier that stood before him. His interest in historical authenticity grabbed the attention of many; as his creativity almost single handily redefined diversity in Marvel Comics. imageThe story of Isaiah Bradley was inspired by the true events behind the Tuskegee Experiments. A historically real and unethical project where hundreds of African-American men from Tuskegee, AL. were told they would be receiving free medical care on behalf of the government and were unknowingly injected instead with syphilis.Starting in 1932, the government authorized project continued for another four decades until it was leaked to the press  in 1972. Robert Morales contribution to comic book history will live on through characters such as Elijah Bradley, grandson of the original Captain America.

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